Springfield, IL
Kidzeum of Health and Science
Kidzeum is SO close to opening, We can smell it! Blow your Dough for the Nose Knows Exhibit
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Mucus Level Supporter  $75.00
Blood Vessel Level Supporter  $100.00
Tissue Level Supporter  $150.00
Snot Bubble Level Supporter  $200.00
AAHH CHOO Level Supporter  $250.00
Blow Me Away! Level of Support  $500.00
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Kidzeum of Health and Science is an emerging children's museum that will be located at 412 E. Adams Street in Downtown, Springfield, IL. This interactive museum will focus on exhibits and programs that help children and families lead healthier lives. Kidzeum will host 20,000 square feet of exhibit, birthday party and classroom space. We will teach families about health, science, fitness,and environmental awareness using our four major galleries: Healthy Body (a 3-story, 40 foot tall kid that you can climb in to learn about all of the body systems); Healthy Community (a main street filled with all the services and professionals that keep us safe); Healthy Environment (a water table that focuses on how we use and conserve water); and Farm to Market (demonstrates the process that a seed undergoes from planting to distribution.) Kidzeum is asking the community to help fund our Nose Knows exhibit.

The Nose Knows is a part of the Healthy Body Gallery and is a 3-Dimensional nose that teaches about the anatomy and function of the nose as well as the difference between allergies and a cold. Visitors can stick their head inside one of the nostrils to see hairs, blood vessels, mucus and of course boogers. Trip the sensor and watch a snot bubble emerge from the other nostril! Grossology at its finest. The Nose Knows Exhibit cost $30,000 to design, develop, fabricate, install and maintain for 5 years. We are asking the community to get behind the Nose Knows Exhibit, actually inside of it and contribute to make the nose a permanent feature of Kidzeum. Any amount would be appreciated.

You can actually interact with the Nose Knows Exhibit at Town and Country Bank on W. Wabash. For a limited time it will be on display for all to get a sneak peak at how awesome Kidzeum's exhibits will be. Kidzeum has been raising money for 7 years. In that time span, we have raised $6.7 million dollars. We have a mere $268,000 left to raise to begin construction. We aren't trying to be "SNOTTY" but we can't open without your help. You can make a difference by helping bring this state-of-the-art learning facility to Springfield!
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